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teenager ([personal profile] flux) wrote2009-05-03 06:33 pm
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★ track 004

When I showed my little sister those Hetalia dolls some of you were making, she wanted to make one as well, so she finished France & Latvia last night, right now she's finishing up Liechtenstein. She printed out Germany, Prussia and USA as well lolol. She's on a roooooolll. and yes, that's my calculus textbook in the bg lol

..I started on Canada but LOL that didn't end well (the arms kept falling off ;~;). So next weekend (since it's a long weekend!) I'm aiming to finish it, along with Sealand and Switzerland. BUT WE'LL SEE HOW THAT ENDS UP.

Nvm, Canada's arms decided to stick for once, AND IT'S DONE! 8D.

Also, I'm so proud with how my project is coming along ;o;, so here's a very, very very bad sneak peak LOL.

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